Shamanic Plant Healing

Shamanic Healing is probably the oldest and most original form of healing known to mankind. It has been used by cultures all around the world for approximately 70,000 years. In ancient Ireland, the Shamans were known as Druids. Shamanic Healing is both a form of energy healing and  ofspiritual  healing. In Shamanic Plant Healing, the healer uses rattle and drum, herbs, crystals and other items collected from the natural world to facilitate the healing of the client. The healer calls on Plant Allies in the spiritual worlds to extract energy from the client which may be causing physical, emotional or mental illness.  Soul or Power retrieval may also be necessary.  Carried out with love and compassion, this type of healing also enables a client to reconnect with their true self, with other people and with all in creation, a reconnection which can be profoundly beneficial on all levels.