Samhain Apple Diet


Samhain Apple Diet – Celebrating the Celtic New Year while dieting with Apple.

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Samhain is the Celtic New Year when the veil between worlds is permeable and thin.  This is a magical time and our Plant Ally Apple will help us to connect with the Divine Feminine during this ceremonial workshop.  We will also be working with Apple to discover what is our role and purpose in this life time as well as to bring healing to our ancestral line both past, present and future.  We will diet with Apple to encourage our healing and our divinatory skills.  This time of year is also known as Seed Fall so we will spend time considering what “seeds” we are sowing for the coming year.  Join me on Friday 30th at 9pm when celebrations commence.  Sleep and dream in sacred space and then on Saturday we commence the diet.  Fasting is required for this workshop and the diet should be limited to simple bland food – no meat, dairy, caffeine or alcohol for the week before.  Please contact me for more details and to let me know if you have any alcohol or dietary restrictions.  At the end of the diet we shall celebrate with a feast so please something to contribute so that we all nourish one another.


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