Plant Wisdom and The Goddess – Wise Woman Training


There are eight workshops within this training.  Each one can be taken alone and enjoyed for its own merit.  However, if you would like to sign up to attend all eight workshops you can enjoy a 20% discount.  Each workshop is by donation of €100 so the cost for all eight  would be €800.  The 20% discount reduces the donation to €640  bringing each workshop to €80.  Donate outright or put down a deposit of €100 and then €68 per workshop.

The donation for each digital workshop is €35 and you can enjoy each one individually.  If you sign up for all eight workshops, the donation is €280 and you can enjoy a discount of 20% which means you donate  €224.

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This is a very special one year course  which aims to foster a deep relationship between the Plant World, the Goddess and the student.  Journeying around the Wheel of the Year, we will find Plant Allies and meet the Goddess in her various forms. You will learn how to work with Plant Allies, craft sacred tools, journey to other realms and more. See the Wise Woman Training page for further details and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries.  This course is also available in digital format.


For more information about the course and if you need any assistance with accommodation, please contact me.


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