Plant Wisdom for The Whole Family – 16 May 2020


Sat 16 May 2020 11.00a.m to 5p.m

Price includes remedy to take home and  organic, vegetarian lunch.  Please bring something to share.


This course will enable you to build up a Herbal Home Medicine Chest which will help everyone in the family from baby to grand-parents.   We begin with safe self-care during pregnancy for mother and will then consider varicose veins, heartburn and other common pregnancy complaints. Moving on to natural remedies that you can make at home,  you will discover which herbs are gentle and safe for babies and children and how to prepare them.  The emphasis is on prevention as well as on relieving symptoms. You will find that some of the herbs recommended are close to hand and some are right under your feet.  Herbs are great for children as they are so responsive and have such active immune systems.  Problems such as colic, teething, sleep issues, eczema, thrush, coughs and colds will be covered.  Environmental factors will also be considered so we will examine such things as body care and learn to make some alternative products.

As for the family – what to do when someone has indigestion, a headache, or aches and pains?  When life throws a spanner in the works be ready with your herbal medicine chest.  Be prepared for cuts and scrapes, insect bites and stings and something to soothe , calm  and reduce stress during any situation.  Today’s course is intense – bring pen and paper.