Herbal Healing

Healing with herbs is a practise as old as mankind.  Our ancestors used plants growing wild and in their gardens to treat simple complaints and dangerous illness.  Plants are powerful healers and when combined with cleanliness, good food, adequate sleep and plenty of rest they are invaluable and effective.

I live in Connemara and there are many, many wild plants that I forage and make medicine with.  I also grow an organic herb garden.  Each person is unique and the herbs must suit the person and the symptoms.  For example, some people with a dry cough may respond better to one herb  rather than another.

Plants share their wisdom the more we work with them.  Using plants for healing connects us with our own bodies, empowers us in many ways and helps us to reconnect with the planet, Mother Earth.

As a radical, I offer consultations based on what the client can afford or donate – it does not have to be monetary.  If herbal medicine is required, it may be tea form or tincture, or something topical and the costs for these vary – again depending on what you can afford and as long as my costs in making them are recovered so that I can make the next batch.

A medicinal herb is “…any plant material that can be used in medicine and health care.” David Hoffman 1988.