Danu’s Irish Herb Garden – Healing for Mother Earth

The weather is growing colder and the nights become darker earlier.  With the fall of leaves, the landscape changes and the trees appear skeletal.  Their nakedness reveals other things within the landscape, things that are usually hidden, such as tussocks and hillocks and animal dens as well as the rocks and stones that are the bones of the land.

At this time of year I think of the Cailleach – the Old Hag, as she takes hold of the dying year and brings the seasonal changes of winter.  She is in charge now until Imbolc, when Brigid, as a maiden goddess, will herald the return of Spring.  The Cailleach’s mode of healing is rest and the deep sleep of winter.

Irish Goddesses are notoriously difficult to make sense of when they are compared to the Greek or Roman pantheons.  They are very rebellious, not really fitting into any of the usual “Goddess boxes” and when we think of the virtue of healing, several Goddesses  have responsibility in this area.  For example,  Brigid is the Goddess of Healing and Airmid is the Goddess of Herbs; and healing in the past always included herbal remedies, salves and medicines.  Healing though, is so much more than oral medicine or topical applications and when we talk about our health and well being, I think we should also include the state of the land/Land as a component of our own health.

In ancient times, the health of the land depended upon the integrity of the king, his wisdom, truth and justice and his care of the land as his bride.  When such a man was king the Land flourished.  At the moment our Land is sick – the Land of Ireland and land elsewhere.  A study has just announced that the fertility of Irish soil has fallen by 40% during this last decade and no-one knows why.  No-one knows why? One expert suggested it may be because we do not use enough fertiliser!!  But surely it is obvious!  When the land is unloved and is only seen as a commodity instead of as our nurturing Mother; when the land is repeatedly poisoned instead of fed and appreciated; when humans neglect to care for the land, is it really any surprise that the Land is sick??


Our Land needs healing.  To do this we must actively interact with and communicate with the Land and show love and appreciation.  In the past we left offerings of gratitude, at Lughnasa for example when we gave thanks for the harvest; we allowed our old Mother to rest by leaving some fields fallow – to recover from their hard work.  Trees and shrubs were planted around fields so that leaf fall could rejuvenate the soil.  Birds and wild life were encouraged and tolerated as all life is connected and all beings have their place in the wonderful web of life.  We knew that there were seasons for work, rest and for healing. We are learning now – possibly too late –  that we must rely on all the other life forms to maintain balance and harmony and yet we allow badger culls and hare coursing.  We remove ancient hedgerows and clear fields of bushes and shrubs…..It is a monstrous madness of destruction.


The Goddess The Morrigan is associated with death, war and destruction, was seen to incite blood lust and battle frenzy and her motif is the carrion crow.  The crow however, does not create destruction, rather it cleans up after Death has visited.  For me, The Morrigan is also a Goddess of healing who brings peace and calm after the battle, harmony and balance after chaos.  She is also a territorial ancestress of the Land, a sovereign Goddess and she made a rather alarming prophesy. She foretold of a time when there would be “…no flowers in summertime, no milk from the cows, no fruit from trees and no fish from the sea. … the women would be shameless, the men without strengths, old men would tell lies and the politicians would make unjust laws……men would become thieves and there would be no virtue in the world.” 

Will she be right? Is she right?  What can we do?  There is no point relying on politicians to heal our Land, this Earth, we must do it ourselves, one step at a time.  Be a careful consumer and plant something – anything, just keep at it.  Commune with the Land and with plants, become an ally.  Do some healing.  Anyone can heal anything, just go into your heart space and set an intention to heal. Make amends.

I believe that everyone does care and does want justice for the Land and the planet but it is so difficult to change the conditioning of a lifetime.  Change is necessary though.  Call on one of our healing Goddesses or to the Warrior aspect of the Morrigan for help and guidance and you will find a way to do something.

Let me know if you have any good ideas by using the comment box below. For each comment I will send a FREE packet of seeds to you.  (Postage is 1.50e)  These seeds will go someway to healing and beautifying our Mother Earth.


8 thoughts on “Danu’s Irish Herb Garden – Healing for Mother Earth

  1. Maureen Burns says:

    Oh, Terri,
    The Morrigan’s prophesy is so timely. But you are right we must heal the earth. Change our ways and plant. One thing I’ve been try I g to do as well as a consumer is to try to purchase items at the store without plastic. It is almost impossible at times, but given a choice I try to shop at the farmers market where produce can be placed in my cloth bag and is not prepackaged in plastic. Blessings.

  2. Melanie says:

    Hi Terri , a blog from the heart . I live down a little country lane in Kent England . I love all nature and wildlife , and I am surrounded by fields . My garden is mostly vegetables , but funny , my husband and I were talking today and we said after Yule we will dig most of the veg plots up and plant trees and shrubs and flowers for all for the wildlife . Thank you for a beautiful blog . I have a lovely statue in my garden who I call my Brigid she stands in my garden with a little lamb beside her and I feel she looks after all my wildlife . Xx

  3. Terri Conroy says:

    Hi Melanie sounds like a great idea. I too have a statue to represent the Goddess Brigid. It makes such a difference seeing her out there.

  4. Terri Conroy says:

    It is a frighteningly timely prophecy although I think we have to keep imagining a beautiful world where everyone works WITH Mother Nature because I do believe that we create the world we want. We have to lead by example because the politicians are too busy doing their own thing and don’t appear to care. xx

  5. Terri Conroy says:

    Melanie – that is a lovely thing to do but keep some veg going for yourself too. You can plant flowers in amongst the veg and they may even improve your success rate. xxx

  6. Nienke Bos-Polders says:

    Can you tell me which herbs are in the mix?
    We have an old corn field we want to heal. It has been abused by mono culture corn farming with pestecides.

    Soon this wil be our field and we want create healthy land.

    Blessed be Nienke

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