Danu’s Irish Herb Garden – A Radical New Beginning!

For twelve years I have been working with and learning about medicinal plants in my study of herbal medicine.  For the last seven years I have been learning from and journeying to plants and trees.  I am now fully out of the closet – I am a herbalist.  In today’s corporate world, a world of fast medicine, to be a herbalist is to be a radical.

Herbal medicine is the medicine of the people and according to WHO, 80% of the world’s population still uses herbal medicine.  And why wouldn’t they?  It is free, safe and effective.  It may take a bit longer for someone to be up and about and at work again but shouldn’t it take time for our bodies to heal?  We are, after all, human beings, not machines, so it surely stands to reason that rest, sleep, de-stressing, good food, time and herbs are going to be the best option for excellent health.

In England, and in Dublin, groups of herbalists have got together and are radically offering free health care!!  They call themselves radical herbalists because they believe they have to bring herbs back to the people, especially people who cannot afford health care. There are people, predominantly women, who are offering courses in herbal health care within their communities and on line.  Women like myself who want to empower people to be able to recognise a medicinal plant and know how to use it. There has never been a better time to be radical in this area.

Herb Robert

An entrepreneurial herbalist in America is selling T-shirts with the slogan -” I am a Radical Herbalist – a Culture Shifter!  Well I am too.  I stand up to be counted.  I believe something radical must happen and our culture must shift.  Our culture must shift from one of exploitation to reciprocity, where we work with Nature and not against her.  Hence the name change on the web site and the Facebook page, You Tube Channel and Etsy Shop.

My friend Colette wondered why I had different names on all these social media platforms and I agreed it was a bit daft.  I have, therefore,  chosen a name that I think is more specific to what I am doing. Danu’s Irish Herb Garden is the new name. My postal address has been Danu’s Garden for several years now and I am Irish and growing a herb garden so it feels right.  I work with the healing power of plants and this work helps me to feel closer to and connected with Mother Earth.  As I work to heal myself and others I am helping to heal the planet.

                                                                                                       Self Heal  

Danu is an Irish Mother Goddess or Earth Goddess and so I think the name is appropriate and a constant reminder to me.  I will be talking about Irish Goddesses in a future blog because a lot of other goddesses in Ireland are also associated with healing but for today I will tell you what I can about Danu.


Danu is a mother goddess, the Mother Goddess, of Ireland.   The hierarchy of gods known as the Tuatha De Danaan – the children of Danu – all stem from the goddess Danu as her husband is not known by name.  Danu can be said perhaps,  to be the gaelic equivalent to Demeter, a goddess of the earth and of abundance.  Peter Berresford Ellis, Celtic historian, says that the name Danu means “Waters from Heaven” and of course, water is life.  Water enables food to grow.

Danu’s children went on to become the gods and sovereign goddesses of Ireland.  Eire is one of the daughters of Danu so you can understand why I feel Danu is a Mother Godddess I can have an attachment for.  I think it is important to be cognisant of these parts of our history so that we respect this land.

So, dear readers, in future you can find me at www.danusirishherbgarden.com My Etsy shop is DanusIrishHerbGarden.  The Facebook page is Danu’s Irish Herb Garden and the brand new You Tube Channel is also Danu’s Irish Herb Garden.

Thanks to everyone for subscribing to this web site and blog.  Any comments or queries are welcome in the comments box below.  Blessings!

20 thoughts on “Danu’s Irish Herb Garden – A Radical New Beginning!

  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you Terri for such a beautiful post and video . I am so looking forward to your next one .Blessings . Melanie xx

  2. valli poole says:

    Just found you Terri – very happy – am getting more interested in herbal everything—so many of your seem hard to source here in Oz…but will keep looking – your You tube posts are fab…thanks for sharing – you make me race into my garden and get cracking. enlightening and invigorating… best to you…

  3. Marina Swift says:

    Terri I accidentally came upon your website. It is such a treasure and a wonderful haven of beauty love and healing . I am so excited about learning more as I truly believe that we are connected to nature. Once again thank you . Marina

  4. Vicki Shanoss says:

    Hi Terri, I’ve been saying over 40 years now that the medicines of the earth are a gift to us all, that we need to learn how to use them. I believe this whole heartedly. Especially because its the medicines that I was guided to as a child and healed by them. I never forgot that, and have been searching for the knowledge all these years.
    I learned to be one with the medicines, but lost that gift, due to being inactive.
    Its time for me to begin again.
    I love each and everyone of your videos on YouTube and I am very excited to have found your blogs.
    Thankyou once again,

  5. Terri Conroy says:

    Hello Vicki. It is time for you to begin again and you will find that you haven’t lost your gift, it is still there waiting to be awakened. As someone once said, if not me, who, if not now, when. I think I am paraphrasing. Thanks so much for watching the videos. Have a lovely summer!

  6. Elizabeth Cook says:

    Found your website this week and watched all your videos. I cannot tell you how much they have supported me during a really tough personal time at the moment awaiting biopsy results . Thank you so much for being you. xx

  7. Terri Conroy says:

    Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear you have had a tough personal time and send you love and best wishes for good health and vitality. Best of luck, believe you are healed. xxx

  8. Rachel says:

    I too, as one of your ladies comments above, found your videos by accident and so glad that I did, they have inspired me no end. No fancy attitudes, no fancy gadgets, just heart warming advice, so, so refreshing and uplifting, your “down to earth” video chats have inspired me I feel I have found a new friendly neighbour. A new lease of life.
    Thank you Terri,
    Rachel X

  9. Rachel Benson says:

    Hi Terri, your work and connections with Mother Earth have inspired me so much that I have passed your web details on to my friends. I have for a long period of time enjoyed the amazing uses of aromatherapy oils as a preference to perfumes, recently in one of your videos you mentioned Vetiver, I purchased from Tisserand, what a joy !!! I have found it to be a thicker consistency as is Benzoin can you advice me how to use it, it does not “drop” easily. I would be grateful
    Kindest regards and Blessings to you
    Rachel x

  10. Terri Conroy says:

    Dear Rachel, Sorry for delay -I only just saw this comment. Yes, Vetiver is a joy to have and to use. I am not an aromatherapist so I just have to practice patience when I use Vetiver or Benzoin or any of the resinous oils. I do not have any tips I’m sorry to say.

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