An Bhean Feasa – Shining Chakras

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and the light in the garden, here in Connemara, was stunning as usual. (No wonder so many artists come to Connemara to paint!)  I looked around the garden and I was aware of how the flowers were really shining – their colours were vibrant.
I felt guided to make a flower essence for the Solar Plexus Chakra and so I organised my clear glass bowl and pure water and picked some Dandelion, St. John’s Wort, Sunflower, Evening Primrose, Marigold and Goat’s Beard.
I felt better immediately, in myself, just looking at the flowers floating in the water and then I realised I had to make a Root Chakra flower essence also.

For the Root Chakra Flower Essence I chose to include Fuschia, Red Rose, Red Geranium and a red Nicotiana flower.  If you don’t know anything about Chakras here is a link to a site that will inform you.

Chakras are also known as Light Wheels and they are positioned through the body from the Root, (at the anus or bottom of the spine), up to just above the top of the head.

To me, they are energy conduits and I would often balance them, i.e get them spinning or vibrating at optimal movement, for my clients.
Having now made two Chakra Flower Esssences I decided to go all out and make one for each of the Chakras. As colour has it own vibration it makes sense to me to harness the power of the colour of flowers, as I work with plants and flowers every day. Flowers in themselves are such great healers too so they add their own magical and vibrational qualities to these Chakra essences.


The second Chakra is the Sacral Chakra and its colour is orange.

Here you can see California Poppy, Wild Carrot and Monbretia .
So far, Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.  Next is the Heart Chakra. For some this Chakra is pink, for others it is green – the colours are interchangeable but I prefer green.  I included a rose in this mix because the rose is symbolic of the heart and I was thinking of energy throughout this process – energy of the colour and of the flower.

There are three Roses, pink, white and red, along with Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Nettle.  These plants are suitable for the heart both physically and metaphysically.
The fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra, is blue and reminds us to speak our truth. Because that can take courage to do, I chose Borage with a blue flower as Borage has always been associated with courage. I also included a blue Nigella flower, (Love in a Mist) because it is a beautiful blue and because it can be empowering for women.

Don’t they look beautiful!
The sixth Chakra is in the middle of the forehead and is known as the Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra.  It enables us to “see” clearly and also to “see” what is hidden.  When spinning or vibrating at the correct speed this chakra helps us to hone our intuition.  The colour of this chakra is Indigo or Purple.

These flowers are Self-Heal, Purple Knapweed, Vervain, (a druidic herb of magic), Daisy, (once known as Day’s Eye) and Chamomile.
For many people the 7th or Crown Chakra is the last one as you ascend from the Root.  Its colour is violet.  It was difficult to find any truly violet flowers at this time of year.  The closest I could find was Wild Geranium or Crane’s Bill, a Canterbury Bell, Cornflower and a pink/blue Borage.

I added one more Chakra flower essence in yesterday’s endeavours .  In my training, there are at least 10 Light Wheels or Chakras.  I have gone to number eight with these flower essences, the eighth Chakra representing Pure Spirit.  For the flowers in this essence I was guided to Meadowsweet, (Peace and happiness), White Clover, a White Rose and the just flowering tops of the magical Mugwort.

I will use all of these infused waters as healing flower essences and I will also make aura sprays for the benefit of myself, family, pets, places and of course, my clients.  The finished flower essences and aura sprays will be available to buy, through this website, (with a complete description of each flower and how it will help each individual chakra to harmonise). They will also be on sale in my etsy shop TheSageWomanHerbals.
If you love flower essences, let me know how they have worked for you. Which ones are your favourites?If you work with Chakras, or have had your Chakras balanced leave a comment about the experience below.





4 thoughts on “An Bhean Feasa – Shining Chakras

  1. Patricia Wallace says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL posting.
    Just looking at the photos is uplifting and empowering.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your eye to natural beauty.
    Really wonderful marriage of visual and spiritual.

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