A Brilliant Opportunity!

The world is reeling and in shock at the moment and it can be hard to imagine what the world will be like once this disease, the Corona Virus, has had its day.  I am not worried about the virus because I am using herbs.  The medical profession are feeling helpless because they are powerless without a vaccine.  Herbalists on the other hand,  treat the person not the symptoms and there are lots of herbs that would suit people as a preventative and many that could be used to help people should they contract the disease. This is a brilliant opportunity for people to turn back to herbs for reassurance and it seems that many are.

I am being asked for advice about herbs and healthy living a lot recently but because we are all in isolation and I cannot meet people, and because people cannot go and just pick up medicinal herbs as they might have done, the best thing I can do is recommend lots and lots of Vitamin C (or Vitamin C rich food – fruits and vegetables)

and to look into their kitchen cupboards to see what herbs and spices they have.

There will be something that can be useful and beneficial for this time  For example, many people will have dried Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cayenne, Ginger, Turmeric and Garlic. These are  all herbs and spices with qualities that can help at a time like this.  Some are antibacterial and antiviral , some are  warming or anti-inflammatory.  Herbal teas such as Chamomile can help reduce anxiety as well as promote sweating  should you feel feverish.  Use Sage for a sore throat  and use Sage, Thyme and Rosemary  together or on their own (depending upon what you have) as preventative and immune supporting herbs by infusing them all for at least 20 mins, in a teapot with boiling water.  Take three cups per day if you are worried you might be compromised in any way.  I am not saying this will be a cure, but they may be all you have access to and they will certainly be helpful for some. For all who try using these kitchen herbs and spices you will feel less anxiety because you have done something to empower yourself.  This is a brilliant opportunity to become self-reliant and self-empowered in terms of your health.  Your body knows how to heal itself, it needs you to help it.


Whatever circumstances we find ourselves in there is no doubting in my mind, that we have been given a brilliant opportunity to change our lives in really positive ways.  For example, gyms and sports clubs are closed so people have to walk to get their exercise and this gives them an opportunity to reconnect with Nature. Whether you walk along the street, in a  park, in the countryside or at a beach, this is your chance to observe the trees in bud and the spring flowers popping their heads up.  It is a brilliant opportunity to breathe in fresh air and hear the birds.  Seeing Nature as a living system going about her business calms and reassures – Life goes on no matter what.

Rowan buds on the brink of bursting open



A native bee on a Rosemary flower


Dandelion – a great teacher and always brings a smile



Daisy – reminds us of our childhood – innocence and contentment


Lots of people have started putting down vegetable plots and are growing their own food. I am increasing my growing space because I suppose I realise I haven’t been making the most of the space that I have.  Growing my own food increases the diversity of my land, brings back the land from benign neglect and helps me to co-create with Nature.  Growing your own food is one of the most revolutionary things we can do in modern times according to Mr Dervaes.  Watch this!  According to the Dervaes family, growing your own food is empowering and sets you free.  I also love the way they live, slowly and with thought. This little film is well worth watching at any time.

Preparing the land for growing your own food also brings you into a meditative  state and helps give you the time and opportunity to not only observe Nature but to be in her.

At this strange time lots of people are using social media to send positive messages and hopeful messages to one another.  Perhaps this is a sign of community and altruism, “we’re all in this together”; perhaps it is a sign of co-operation and consideration.  Perhaps it will all lead to a better world as many are speaking of this time as  being  a brilliant opportunity to assess their lives and take the time to actually think about the kind of world we want to live in and the kind of world we want to leave our children.

There are many conspiracy theories abounding and it is easy to get sucked into them – and I have been caught up in all that negative thinking.  On my walk this morning though. observing Nature and thinking about the positive events that have already happened and remembering that I believe in the power of the mind, (that is, we create our world  with our thoughts), I decided that this is a brilliant opportunity for me to put my mouth where my money is, so to speak.

I am fortunate to have a very powerful imagination, sometimes it can run away with me!  I am going to work hard imagining a world where we are all free to live a full and happy, healthy life.  Where every decision is made considering our “relations” the plants and animals, rivers and oceans, mountains and bogs that we share this planet with.  I am finding it easy to imagine that we all wake up to the fact that we have been manipulated to be consumers.  We have felt deep down that this consumerism can not be maintained and we know that it does not make us feel happy but we can now put blame behind us, (consumerism was thought to be a good idea post WW2 as a brief agenda to get people back to work and  to kick start economies but it is a promotion that long since reached its sell by date). Let’s leave the guilt behind, (energetically it serves no purpose) and we can start afresh.  We now have a brilliant opportunity to look at our amazing and beautiful world which is so diverse and rich, if we only value it for itself .  Observing Nature during this spring time of renewal and rebirth is the best thing we can do for our future.  Just imagine!

Self-Heal for all of us!











28 thoughts on “A Brilliant Opportunity!

  1. Rachel Barker-Moore says:

    I really enjoyed your post and can relate. I love mother nature.
    Thankyou for sharing .

  2. Josephine Baker says:

    Also pine needle tea is a very risch source of vitamin c and is specifically good for viral and respiratory complaints

  3. Maria Christina de Campos Godinho says:

    Dear Terry … we are certainly experiencing a unique and very challenging moment … especially for our hearts! i’m brazilian and i live in S, Paulo, a great city in the southwest of Brazil, and i want you to know that it is a joy and a great comfort, especially now, read your blog and follow it on youtube! I think like you and I believe that together we can make a difference, turn on lights of hope, and brotherhood! I have a small herb garden and a vegetable garden … every day I sit there and do a little silence and pray for our Mother Earth, so she can teach us, so she can talk to us … it gives me a big joy ! thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring work! I got to know your blog by its title, because I am interested in Celtic culture and I like to read about it. I would love to visit Ireland, a beautiful country! May God bless and protect us all!

  4. widdershins says:

    I think a great many people will change a great many things about how they view and walk upon this lovely planet … and I hope the changes stick. 🙂
    Widdershins … AKA The Wunder-Lusters on Youtube 🙂

  5. Terri Conroy says:

    Dear Maria, it is lovely to hear that you feel comforted. I love your idea of taking a few moments each day to communicate with Mother Earth. After all, we are keeping in touch with our friends and family so why not our Mother Earth. Be well and happy. Blessings.

  6. Mary says:

    Wonderful post thank you .Every day I’m grateful to live in the area we do southern Burgundy ,but times like this it makes us even more so.The film was so motivating such production from such a small area .The feature that I loved most was the changed soil quality ,it was spectacular

  7. Terri Conroy says:

    Wasn’t it!!! just shows what can be done. I’m going to try the square inch method this year – makes more sense, more like Mother Nature.

  8. Clare Rowell says:

    Thank you Terri, beautifully written along with the gorgeous photos. Reading your words, i absorbed your positive message and reminded myself of the things that we ALL need reminding of!

    Cheers! to humans waking up and making choices and decisions wisely and intuitively for themselves, others and Mother Earth. xx

  9. Melanie says:

    Beautiful post Terri , thank you . I am so grateful for my garden I am out there every day as we are self isolating . Every day I sit there looking over the countryside and I thank Mother Earth for all the beauty she gives us. I just hope and pray that after this is all over people will stop abusing her and start looking after her the way she has looked after us . I cannot believe how fresh the air has become with less planes and cars . Hopefully things will change …. they must change . Blessings to you and yours Terri . Keep safe xxx

  10. Ramya says:

    Thankyou so much I really appreciated you take time to send us this lovely blog have nice day .Ramya.

  11. Karan Smith says:

    Thanks Terri….yes using lots of herbs especially sage and lemon tea.

    Busy planting and potting lots of herbs…loving the stillness of the moment.

    Sending much blessings.

  12. Terri Conroy says:

    Blessings to you too Melanie – I agree with your hopes. If we imagine it is the case, it IS the case. Even here in Connemara where the air is very clean, it seems to be fresher and brighter because there are no planes going over. We are feeling gratitude too for our garden, we are so fortunate. xxx

  13. Terri Conroy says:

    I agree Clare – it is amazing how many people, that you would least expect, are saying things like, “now i realise what a consumer I was”, and “this experience has really made me think”. It’s great isn’t it! Happy days!

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