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 If you are interested in discovering more about the medicinal power of plants to support the health of yourself and your family, then this is the course for you!  Learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and begin to build your home apothecary.  For more details, take a look here




Danu’s Irish Herb Garden is a Garden of Healing, Magic, Plant Wisdom, Herbal Medicine and practical living.  Here I work to create a beautiful garden dedicated to the Goddess Danu.  I grow healing herbs, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables organically, and attempt to provide for myself and others.

This is the home of the Hawthorn Academy of Healing Herbs,  danusirishherbgarden.com/hawthorn-academy-of-healing-herbs/ Within the Academy I offer on-line and in-person herbal courses and workshops which enable and empower you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being.





I am a Herbalist, growing and foraging for the plant medicine that I use to make tinctures, teas, salves and lotions and potions. Using plants and herbs that I have grown or foraged myself,  I know exactly where the medicine comes from.  I only use plants and herbs that I have harvested myself when I am teaching herbal medicine courses such as  danusirishherbgarden.com/product/herbal-health-for-women/  or  danusirishherbgarden.com/product/herbal-health-for-stress-and-anxiety/   

 Hawthorn Academy of Healing Herbs’s first on-line herbal course is  – An Introduction to  Herbal Medicine  danusirishherbgarden.com/product/an-introduction-to-herbal-medicine/  It can be argued that herbal medicine is a radical way to personal empowerment and health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  This is what I believe.  Working with plants also enables us to connect more closely to the Planet, our Mother Earth, en route to good health.  



Are you feeling out of balance or out of sync with the world? You know you need to do something but you can’t put your finger on it?  Perhaps you need stress relief, self-confidence boosts or help with grief.  Maybe you would like to reconnect with the Earth, with Nature?  You feel that somehow there should be more to life.

Attending one of the herbal workshops such as danusirishherbgarden.com/product/an-introduction-to-herbal-medicine/ or joining The Wise Woman training, danusirishherbgarden.com/wise-woman-training/ can really help to reconnect with Nature, the Goddess, the plants and can change your life for the better.

Do get in touch – ask about the Herbal Courses! I am so looking forward to meeting you and helping you to enjoy radiant health and well-being.  I am here to help you take a first step to feeling truly wonderful, truly connected and truly balanced.













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Take a look at the many herbal workshops available – each workshop aims to empower you with the wisdom of herbal healing…

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